Obstetrics & Gynecology

MSC 10 5580
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phase II Medical Student Clerkship

Third-year medical students completing this eight-week block will learn a solid base of knowledge and clinical skills set relating to women’s health care.  Each student completes four two-week rotations to obtain exposure and clinical practice in the field of Ob-Gyn. 

Phase II Medical Student Requirements


  • Daily clinical assignments
  • Written documentation of patient assessments and plans
  • Topic presentations


  • Friday case-based lectures and learning sessions
  • Learning modules


  • Oral Exam
  • Shelf Board Exam



All days off require advance approval by the Clerkship Director.  (See Policies tab)

Continuity Clinics – ½ day 4 times during the rotation are allowed.  Not when scheduled for week of L&D Nights or off-site clinics.  No mornings unless approved by Clerkship Director

Phase II Medical Student Policies

Frequently addressed policies are noted here.  For more information, please consult the Phase II Medical Student Handbook.


  • All absences must be pre-approved by the Clerkship Director.  Please submit your request in writing to the Coordinator at MFPDavis@salud.unm.edu.
  • Per the Phase II Student Handbook, time off is granted on a case by case basis and a written request is required 6 weeks prior to the start of the Clerkship.  
  • If you miss the 6-week window, you may still make your request and it will be considered.  However, we may not be able to accommodate late changes to schedules.
  • If you are ill during the clerkship and are unable to attend your assignment, contact your Chief Resident, and e-mail the Clerkship Director and the Coordinator.
  • Absences more than three days have to be made up to complete the clerkship with a grade other than incomplete.

Dress Code

  • Scrubs for OR and L&D
  • Professional dress AND white coat for clinics

Snow Policy

Phase II students participating in clinical sites do not follow the delay/closure status of main campus but should attend clinical duties unless it is unsafe for him/her to do so.  Be sure and let your team leader (resident) know if you will not be there when you are expected for your clinical assignment.

8 – week block


2 weeks

Labor & Delivery

2 weeks

4 weeks



Includes assignments to:

  • Off-site clinics (Ultrasound & M&FP Community clinics)
  • UNMH Clinics (Genetics, Diabetes, Pre-term Labor, MFM High Risk)
  • MFM Wards
  • Requires am rounding including one day per weekend

1 week of nights

8 pm – 8 am

(some variation during exam weeks)

  • Requires am rounding
  • Requires weekend

1 week of days

5:30 am – 4:30 pm

  • Requires am rounding
  • Requires weekend




GYN Selection

2 weeks

GYN Selection

2 weeks

4 weeks




  • Benign Gynecology                  
  • Urogynecology
  • Gynecologic Oncology
  • Reproductive Health (includes off-site clinics)
  • Private GYN (Lovelace, Presbyterian, Sandoval Regional Medical Center)
  • Most GYN rotations require am rounding including one day per weekend



4 weeks Private GYN (Lovelace)

Student Clerkship Administration

Kathleen Kennedy, M.D.
Clerkship Director

Assistant Professor
Assistant Clerkship Director

Sr Med Student Educ Coord

All Inquiries:

Phone:  (505) 272-6883