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You are invited to “Meet the Midwives” & tour Labor and Delivery:
What:     A chance to meet the midwives. We will provide a free tour of OB Triage, Labor and Delivery, Nursery, and Postpartum units.
When:    The first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm
Where:  Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion 1st floor 1500 conference room at UNM Hospital

About the Midwifery Division

Since 1975 the UNM Midwives have provided excellent pregnancy, postpartum, and well-woman care to the women and families of our community.  We strive to provide gentle, respectful, and compassionate care to all women.  Our group of 12 Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) have an outstanding reputation and have attended more than 10,000 births at UNM Hospital.

Photo: Midwifery Team

As midwives, our philosophy includes honoring the individuality of each woman and respect for birth as a natural process.  We collaborate and work closely with the women and families we serve and with the physician teams here at UNM Hospital. 

The UNM Midwives love the work we do and look forward to caring for you.


Get to Know the Midwifery Division of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Link to the Midwives Directory.

The UNM Midwives are dedicated to supporting women and families throughout pregnancy and the birth process to promote safe and positive labor and delivery experiences. 

Our CNMs have education, knowledge, competence, skills, and confidence in supporting physiologic labor and birth, including helping women cope with pain.  We recognize each labor and birth are different and a momentous experience for women and families.  Our midwives are gentle and patient and support women to labor and birth in their own time and own way. 

Patient quotes about the UNM Midwives:

  • “My midwife provided us with excellent, compassionate care throughout the pregnancy delivery and recovery.  We are so thankful for her help and guidance”
  • “My midwife was great I got lots of support from her”
  • “I love my midwife, she always makes me feel like I am a priority and I never feel rushed”
  • “I really appreciated the midwife during the last part of birth, she stood right by me and looked me in the eye and talked to me directly in a supportive way”
  • “She was like an anchor when everything else was going crazy and she kept me focused on her it really help me get through the end and have a vaginal birth”
  • “My midwife handled my medical issues with intelligence, empathy and professional excellence.  I would trust her to do anything she advised.   Thank you for hiring employees of this high personal credence”

Excellent Outcomes

The UNM Midwives have been recognized for their excellent outcomes including:

  • Low episiotomy rates
  • High Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) success rates
  • Low cesarean section rates

What is a midwife?

Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) in New Mexico are licensed independent healthcare practitioners educated in nursing and midwifery. They provide primary health care to women of childbearing age, including prenatal care, labor and delivery care, care after birth, gynecological exams, assistance with family planning decisions, preconception care, menopausal management, and counseling in health maintenance and disease prevention.

CNMs attend over 30 percent of the births in the New Mexico. The philosophy of nurse-midwifery care "focuses on the needs of the individual and family for physical care, emotional, and social support and active involvement of significant others according to cultural values and personal preferences.”

Midwives listen to women and provide the information you need to make informed and educated decisions about your health care.

Care and Clinics

We care for women at the UNM Women’s Health Clinic and Women’s Faculty and Midwife Clinic and at the First Choice Community Clinics in Los Lunas and Belen.  We strive to really get to know our patients and their families.  We have Spanish speaking midwives and offer translation services as needed.

Overview of our midwifery care

Pregnancy and Birth your midwife will:

  • Get to know you and your partner and/or family
  • Take time to listen to you and address your physical and emotional needs
  • Provide comprehensive care including ordering and reviewing labs and ultrasounds
  • Monitor the health of you and your baby at each visit to help ensure a healthy beginning
  • Offer teaching and answer your questions
  • Respect your personal choices
  • Refer you to the OB team as needed

For Well-Woman & Gynecologic care your midwife may:

  • Offer PAPs and Mammograms (if indicated)
  • Provide guidance to support a healthy lifestyle including information about nutrition, exercise, emotions, sex, and stress
  • Do a physical exam
  • Screen and treat any infections

For Family Planning care your midwife may:

  • Educate you about contraception options
  • Write prescriptions for pills, patch and rings
  • Place IUDs and Implants
  • Learn about your life plans and personal preferences

For Postpartum Care your midwife will:

  • Provide education and support
  • See you after at 2 & 6 weeks after birth
  • Help women connect with our lactation services and support systems
  • Offer emotional assessments and support

Perinatal Mood disorders

Depression and/or anxiety is challenging and can negatively impact women and families.  Many New Mexico mothers struggle with perinatal mood disorders during and after pregnancy.

Our CNMs are experts at postpartum care and helping mother’s with the adjustment to parenting- we perform assessments for postpartum depression and anxiety and have developed a network of support systems for women.  We can also refer women for therapy and prescribe medications if necessary.  Speak with us if you have any concerns.

Pessary Clinic

CNMs and the UNM Urogynecology Division have developed a specialty clinic for pessary placement and care.  CNMs participate in on-going clinical research and provide pessary education and training workshops for providers locally and nationally.

A vaginal pessary is a removable device placed into the vagina. It is designed to support areas of pelvic organ prolapse and reduce urinary incontinence.


One of our responsibilities working in a University setting is to supervise and teach Midwifery Students, Family Practice residents and OB residents.  These learners may be with us in the prenatal clinic or when we attend births.  We will ask your permission when a student is working us.

Most patients find having a Midwife Student or Resident to be a bonus; their enthusiasm and extra attention can be wonderful.

Our residents find the following features of our program to be particularly appealing:

  • Extensive "hands-on" ultrasound training leading to eligibility for certification by the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM)
  • The major referral center in New Mexico for obstetrics, specialized gynecology and oncology
  • Annual residents retreat at a nearby resort
  • Ethnically diverse patient population
  • Protected educational time
  • An integrated certified Nurse Midwifery Program

The CNMs hold appointments as lecturers in the School of Medicine and some serve as clinical faculty in the College of Nursing.  We’ve received stellar feedback from the residents and students who work with us.    Here are some quotes from past OB Residents that have worked with the midwives: 

  • “They were wonderful with having us think through the differential diagnoses. I also really loved that they shared with us some of their patient-provider interaction secrets. It was refreshing to see how mindful and gentle a provider can be with their patient. “
  • “It was great support and learning. ….I thought they were really helpful and gave me lots of good tips I will carry through residency and beyond.”
  • “Our midwives are amazing; they are so lovely, patient and walked us through the steps of OB triage. They really emphasized patient care/ comfort which was wonderful. I feel much more confident …..Thanks to the help I had with our midwives!”

For more information, please view our residency page.

National Recognition

  • 2004 “ACNM- With Women for a Lifetime” Award to the UNM Midwives.
  • 2006 JNM/JMWH Best Paper of the Year Awards “Midwifery Care Measures in the Second Stage of Labor and Reduction of Genital Tract Trauma at Birth: a Randomized Trial”, (Journal of Women’s Health and Midwifery 2005;50:365-372). L. Albers, K. Sedler, E. Bedrick, D.Teaf and P. Peralta.
  • 2008 According to national ACNM benchmarking results the UNM Midwifery Division was    recognized as the best practice among peers for the highest breastfeeding rates, the highest VBAC success rate, the highest RVUs and billing/salary ratio, as well as, the highest amount of out-patient visits per provider.
  • 2008 The “Mary Ann Shah New Author Award” presented to F. Mancini for her article “Use of the Postpartum Depression Screening Scale in a Collaborative Obstetric Practice” in the Journal of Women’s Health and Midwifery.
  • 2012 UNM Dept. Ob Gyn Best Resident Research Presentation Award for “Postpartum Yoga and Depression Study” with S.Woods, F. Mancini and R. Manocchio.
  • 2005-2014 Teaching Awards to various midwives for their support of medical student education.
  • 2006-2014 Golden Globe awards have been given to numerous midwives for their supporting breastfeeding at UNM Hospital